Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to make a picture board

I thought I'd share the instructions on how to make a photo board because it, really is super easy and I think it's a great project because it's pretty and very useful.


1. cut piece of light plywood or MDF board1/2 yard/meter of fabric or more depending on your board size. You want enough to wrap about 2 inches around back. 1/2 yard/meter or more of light quilt batting 4 yards/meters of ribbon of choice. I recommend something a little stronger so it doesn't give out under the tacks, 1 pack of upholstery tacks

*Tools Needed: Saw to cut the wood, Pencil, Ruler, Drill and large drill bit, Iron, Staple gun, Scissors, Hammer


1. Decide how big you want your board and cut wood to size.
2. Decide if board will hang portrait style or landscape. On the top edge use the ruler to find your mid point, and about 1 1/2 inches down from the edge make a mark. This will be where the board will hang on the wall from the nail.

3.Use the drill to drill a hole at your mark.

4. Iron fabric nice and smooth.
5. Lay fabric on a large surface right side (that's the good side, or the side with the print) down on the surface.
6. Center the quilt batting on the fabric.
7. Center the board on the fabric and quilt batting.
8. Time to staple! NOW, this is very get the board equally smooth, you want to pick a side as your start point. Pull the fabric and batting fairly tight and staple it to the board. Go to the side directly opposite and do the same. Do the third side, and then the fourth. You should have one staple in each side's center.
9. Continue to pull and staple around the board, working out from the first staples you put in. Don't forget to keep moving around the board!

10. Turn the board over. Good work so far, but you're not quite done yet.

11. Time to place the ribbons. Decide roughly where you want your ribbons to go and how far you want them spaced. Starting with the longest pieces cut ribbon to size, making sure you have about 2 inches of ribbon on each end to wrap around the board back, and lay them on the board on the diagonal. Do this for all of your pieces. This is just to get a visual.

12. Set all your ribbon aside, but in an organized fashion!
13. Starting with the longest piece(s), lay the ribbon on the board. Hold each end in place and flip the board over, then place face down on your surface. Tack down one end with staple gun. Pull other end taught and staple down. Do this for all of your ribbons working out from largest to smallest.
14. Turn the board over so it's right side up again. Your ribbons should be criss crossing over the board.
15. At each ribbon intersect you want to hammer in an upholstery tack. This will tighten the ribbon even more and make it so your pictures won't slide out.
16. TA DA! You now have a beautiful photo board! Good job.*If you don't want to use upholstery tacks you could use some short nails and then glue gun whatever you wanted, like buttons over the nail. You would just need to flatten the nails on the back of the board so they don't rip your wall apart. I hope you have fun with this. We would love to see pictures of any boards that people make. I know I don't have exact measurements for things so it might be a bit hard for people that like that, but it's just the way my brain works - nothing really exact, just sort of feel it through. Happy Crafting!


Anonymous said...

always wanted to make one. thanks for the directions. looks fairly simple. :)

Anonymous said...

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